Graphic Design is fundamentally storytelling through illustrations. A graphic designer tells the story through illustrations, vectors, logos, text and much more. It is a craft that deals with visualizations.


  • Graphic design allows us to tell the entire story in a single frame
  • It helps us achieve minimalism
  •  Pictography conveys more information than a text does. Graphic design brings us the potential to do so
  • It depicts the replica of what the organization is all about
  • It projects an idea into a picture
  • It brings an identity to your ideas
  • Creating high-quality visual infographics increase viewer interaction
  • It grabs customer’s attention and holds it
  • It makes your brand strong and consistent towards the productivity of the organization
  • It is an online art form that includes logos, banners, infographics and more to express the content
  • Graphic design is slowly becoming an alternative for traditional banner arts in the real world
  • Graphic design has spread to every part on the internet so as it reaches millions of hands with a mobile
  • Graphic design works as an advertisement online too

Why Graphic designing?

  • Graphic designing adds an identity to our brand
  • It gives brand recognition as the pictures speak more than words
  • It gives us a scope of telling a page of the story in a single design
  • A good design leaves a positive impression on your organization
  • It is a vital tool that completely changes the perception of communication with the audience
  • Interaction time of a design demands just a few seconds. Because our eyes grasp a lot of information since the design is made of colours
  • It allows us to convey our ideas in a creative and colourful way
  • It sometimes challenges one’s creativity and design skills with a lot of information to put it on a single design
  • With the help of text, colour, and images, graphic design can transform metadata into visual graphical designs

Areas of Graphic design:

  • Based on market research and public interests’ analysis, product design is achieved such as water bottle packaging graphics, marketing designs
  • When it comes to branding designs and describing a brand through a design, Branding design helps us to achieve designs such as logos, brochures and business cards
  • Creating online virtual spaces and generating engagement that takes a lot of design capabilities to make the visitor stick to the website and give a smooth and addictive UI experience. A Website designer designs graphic visuals related to content on websites and apps
  • In this world of online designs everywhere it is not that offline marketing does not exist, it does exist and is important too. Here, a Print designer performs the job of doing flyers, banners, T-shirts, printed mugs considering colour and design theories
  • On books and magazines, a proper cover page that immediately grabs the reader’s attention is a must. Design aspects make it possible and a Publishing designer does the job with ease
  • In the environment, the building, museums and commercial complexes need some proper designs to display their description of the buildings. In this scenario, an Environmental designer comes to the place and create works like signage, outer building displays and more

When it comes to video games, online games and cartoons they demand some serious graphical designs as they are the most vital part of the animations in this category. Here, an Animation designer comes to the place and contributes his work in motion graphics on social media, brand animation works for a YouTube channel and much more.